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Paleobotany Policies & Procedures

The Collection operates according to a series of policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed and revised.  Some of these are museum-wide and some are specific to our collection.  We try to be the best collection stewards that we can be which includes following standards, and as appropriate, providing information on how we maintain the Collection for future generations.

The procedures presented will include information on various aspects of collection management for the fossils, minerals, rocks, and meteorites that comprise macrofossils, microfossils (pollen, spores, and aquatic microfauna), thin sections (“slides”, peels), and palynological preparations (reserves, residues, and microscope slides).  We use these documents to help train students, volunteers, and visitors who work in our collection along with hands-on training, but we have tried to include enough information that the documents can stand alone.

All procedures, forms, logs, checklists, etc. presented are being shared to illustrate and document how we do things but all rights are reserved, we are more than happy to have you link to us but request that you ask permission first so we can document usage.

Photography/Scanning/Imaging Related:


How to photograph paleobotany fossils or macrofossils (plant fossils)

How to photograph microfossil slides (ostracods, etc.)

How to image microscope slides and thin sections (pollen, spores, petrified wood, etc.)

Forms/Template/Log Sheets


For further information or to report any typos or other concerns/corrections to the Paleobotany and Micropaleontology Collection Procedures please contact the collection manager (contact information is on the right side of the screen).



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Policies & Procedures



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