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Oklahoma Archaeology and Artifacts


Archeological research areas in Oklahoma. To learn more about archaeological sites in Oklahoma, start by visiting the Oklahoma Archeological Survey.
Oklahoma Indian Artifacts The Survey also hosts an ebook of Oklahoma Indian Artifacts, which is now out of print.  Here you can find illustrations and descriptions of many common artifacts.

You might also want to find From Mounds to Mammoths: A Field Guide to Oklahoma Prehistory, by Claudette Marie Gilbert and Robert L. Brooks. 

IMG_0051_L.jpg Check out Time Team America on PBS this summer (2013), when the team visits Dr. Lee Bement's excavations at Badger Hole, Oklahoma!
archaeology trowel Want to learn what it takes to be an archaeologist?  Time Team America has some great videos, or check out Archaeology for the Public, sponsored by the Society for American Archaeology.