Information about sites for collecting generously provided by OU Faculty Member Dr. Kenneth Hobson.

If you have specific questions about where to collect certain groups, contact him at

Fobb Bottom Wildlife Management Area

- directions from OU Biostation: Take Oklahoma University Road 2mi West to Hwy 99/377. Then go North for 1mi to Fobb Bottom Road (intersection next to Old Dave's Superette). Go West for 1.5mi to FB WMA entrance. From there you can walk along the road for sweeping of vegetation, and at end of the road along the Western-most edge of the WMA collect sand-loving insects.

    To see Map:,-96.862764&spn=0.02604,0.030899

Buncombe Creek

- directions from OU Biostation: From Welcome/ Entry sign at Biostation on Oklahoma University Road, take Taylor Road North for 2,000ft (approx) to near the dead-end. Take last right on road, then turn left onto the continuing Taylor Road. Drive to the end to the locked gate. Walk North on the old Campground Road.

     To see Map:,-96.809893&spn=0.026041,0.030899

Corps of Engineers Area

- Along Oklahoma University road on South side, West of intersection with Highway 99/377. Overgrown; mixed trees, grasses, fields.


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