There will be one group dinner for all attendees at Entoblitz which will be catered by Housing Services, and is included in the registration fee for Entoblitz. This dinner will include the following items:


Fajitas (Beef & Chicken)*

Mexican Rice

Refried Beans

Salad Bar


* if you have any special diet restrictions (vegetarian) or alergies, please notify Katrina before FEBRUARY 28th to ensure you're accomodated for.

Meal Plan Option

If you would like to have your meals provided for you at $25.50 a day by the OU Housing Services or for various meals a-la-cart, please notify Katrina before FEBRUARY 28th to ensure Housing Services has the reservation. There are several Meal Options for the different meals, however the sooner you can notify what your selections are, the more likely we can have a group reservation for the items of your choice. THIS IS THE CHEAPEST, AND EASIEST OPTION FOR FOOD WHILE AT ENTOBLITZ.