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Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources

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The Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources (OCGR) at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (SNOMNH) was established in 2006. The collection is a repository (archive) of biological tissue samples—a "library" of biodiversity—collected and maintained under controlled conditions and in accordance with “best practices” in museum stewardship for current and future research.

The Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources currently holds about 35,000 aliquots of tissue from 344 genera and over 600 species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, with particular strength in mammals from Argentina and Oklahoma, and amphibians and reptiles from the Great Plains. The searchable database is now available, or via the portals GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), NBII (National Biological Information Infrastructure), Ornis and HerpNet.

For questions, requests for information, or requests for loans (see Sampling documents), contact Dr. Janet K. Braun or Dr. Brandi S. Coyner by email or at the address below.



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Dr. Janet K. Braun, Staff Curator

Dr. Brandi S. Coyner, Curatorial Associate (Email)

Partner Institutions

Department of Zoology,
University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Biological Survey

The University of Oklahoma
Biological Station

Advisory Committee

Dr. Janet K. Braun, Staff Curator

Dr. Michael A. Mares, Director

Dr. Lawrence J. Weider, Professor, Department of Biology

Dr. Randall S. Hughes, Chair, Department of Biology

Dr. Richard E. Broughton, Biologist, Oklahoma Biological Survey and Associate Professor, Department of Biology