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The SNOMNH bird collection was established at the time of origin of the Museum in 1899. While two fires in the Museum (the last in 1918) destroyed the bird collection existing then, the collection subsequently has been developed into one of significant local, regional, and international importance. It is one of the largest in the central United States. Also associated with the bird collection is an extensive library of books and journals.

The collection contains specimens from 33 of 34 recognized avian orders and 179 of 227 recognized bird families (based on the Clements checklist of birds of the world, v. 6.6). Not unexpectedly, Oklahoma is well represented in the collection. In addition, there are significant holdings of specimens from Mexico, Texas, and Thailand. The bird families best represented in terms of numbers of specimens are Fringillidae (finches and allies), Laridae (skuas, gulls, terns, and skimmers), and Accipitridae (kites, eagles, and hawks).

The bird collection has approximately 26,400 cataloged specimens, including study skins (about 13,800), skeletons (6,300), mounts (950), spread wings (600), nests (470), and eggs (3,800 sets).



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Dr. Janet K. Braun, Interim Curator, Email: jkbraun [at]

Dr. Gary D. Schnell, Curator Emeritus, Email: gschnell [at]

Dr. Tamaki Yuri, Collection Manager, Email: tyuri [at]

Robin L. Urquhart, Undergraduate Student Volunteer

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Joseph A. Grzybowski, Affiliated Research Associate

David A. Wiggins, Affiliated Research Associate