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Silver Horn Calendar Record

Detail Page: 1850-1851-1852


1850-51 Deer killed winter
The bleeding buck is a name glyph representing the death of a man named Deer (Tangiapa) rather than a picture of an actual deer. He was killed on a war expedition across the Rio Grande River.

1851 Dusty Summer
The dark smudge above the forked pole of the Medicine Lodge is a cloud of dust. The identity of the man with a fan for a name glyph is not recorded.

1851-52 Woman frozen winter
This woman, named Pretty Girl, was eloping with Big Bow while her husband was away on a war expedition. Big Bow had her hide outside while he went home to gather his gear. Knowing the trouble this would cause, his father detained him at camp, leaving the waiting woman exposed to the cold so long that her feet were frost bitten. By including this event in the tribal calendar, warning other women considering such action to remember her fate and think again.

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