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Silver Horn Calendar Record

Detail Page: 1852-1853


1852 Surround fight summer
There was no dance this summer. The calendar suggests a group surrounded in a fight, attacked by enemies with both guns and arrows. The death owl next to a felled tree represents Lone Bear, who fell dead while cutting tipi poles. The event was memorable as it was a disgrace for a man to cut poles, which was considered women

1852-53 Pawnee boy ran away winter
The figure running away from a tipi camp is a young Pawnee. The boy was a captive, who had been taken prisoner the previous summer. The boy not only escaped, but took with him a highly valued race horse.

1853 Showery Summer
Streaks of rain pour down on the center pole of the Medicine Lodge. It was so wet this year that they had to put covers over the Taime to protect it.

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