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Silver Horn Calendar Record

Detail Page: 1831-1832-1833


1831 Woman Hanged Summer
This image is of a woman who hanged herself after her husband discovered that she had eloped with another man. It is said that she committed suicide because her relatives had criticized her behavior.

1832 Wolf Creek Summer
Silver Horn notes the birth of Stumbling Bear with a picture of a baby in a cradle board and a picture of the shield he later carried. The powerful design on this shield came from a Crow shield that was captured by a man named Kicking Bird during the period when the Kiowas were still living in the north.

1832-33 Unnamed winter
A bare tree is used to mark each winter, but Silver Horn did not include any other identifying images for this year.

1833 Cut Off Their Heads Summer
A party of Osage attacked a camp, which was poorly. Many people were killed and the attackers cut off their heads and left them in brass buckets for the survivors to find on their return. The Osages were warning the Kiowas not to interfere with their trade with the Euroamericans, the source of these brass trade kettles.

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