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Surround yourself in the sights and sounds of Oklahoma's natural landscapes in this beautiful gallery where "immersion" style dioramas make you feel as if you are walking through the environment.

In the Ozark highlands diorama, oak and hickory branches arch overhead and you are surrounded by the sound of birdsong and rushing water. You can stop to examine the life of a highland stream, spot warblers and other birds in the branches, and discover the hidden life of the forest floor.

Explore a walk-through limestone cave, where you can experience the life of bats, blind crayfish and other animals that make their homes in near to total darkness.

The mixed-grass prairie diorama is dominated by a pair of majestic bison and is full of details and surprises. A rattlesnake rattles a warning as you approach, and butterflies open and close their wings. A close look reveals bees in the flowers, a black-tailed jackrabbit in the grass, and much more.

Coming up in the Hall of Natural Wonders:
Over time, new permanent dioramas will be added to the five that are currently on view in this gallery. The dioramas planned for future construction are:

* Black Mesa
* Swamp
* Tall grass prairie
* Short grass prairie
* Cross timbers