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Conoco Oil Pioneers of Oklahoma Plaza

Conoco Inc. is honored to support the Oil Pioneers of Oklahoma Plaza.

Conoco, a global energy company with deep roots in Oklahoma, celebrates the vision and courage of the many men and women who dreamed and risked their personal fortunes to create an oil industry in this great state. We appreciate the lasting contribution these incredible oil pioneers made to the success of our industry in its early days, and we are honored to recognize their spirit of adventure and discovery.

We hope you enjoy the plaza and leave with a renewed appreciation for the legacy of these great oil pioneers.

Archie W. Dunham
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Conoco Inc.
May 1, 2000
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The history of the state of Oklahoma is inextricably linked with the remarkable history of the oil industry. The individuals identified here are true Oklahoma Oil Pioneers in that their endeavors were most significant in the development of the oil and gas industry in this very young state.

Their stories are not only inspirational but are testaments to the extraordinary opportunities the early oil industry provided for individual achievements and the public good inherent in American capitalism.

Each of these individuals is now deceased but their stories of hard work, foresight, courage, and accomplishment against overwhelming odds should inspire many generations of Americans in the years to come.

The idea of this plaza commemorating the Oklahoma Oil Pioneers came from a small group of men who believed it could be done and worked diligently for three years to see that it was done. During that time they had full cooperation of President David L. Boren, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Director Michael Mares, and Vice President for University Development David L. Maloney and his staff. This group of men consisted of Pete Klentos, James A. Gibbs, J. Rufus Fears, and Robert S. Kerr, Jr., along with James K. Anderson, who acted as chairman of the group.

It is with a great deal of heartfelt appreciation that the committee thanks Conoco for funding this entire project.