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Introduction and Information About RSS earbuds

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It provides a way for you to subscribe to electronic content such as museum news items, podcasts or other media for convenient delivery. As content is updated on our end, it is made available to you automatically so you're always up to speed!

There are many different ways to manage your subscribed feeds. “Aggregators,” programs that gather the items to which you've subscribed, display the items with a summary and link to the actual content, or many web browsers can handle this content as dynamic bookmarks. There are also web-based aggregators such as Yahoo!. All these methods can usually manage text or even multimedia files.

Two software titles we recommend are Mozilla Firefox (web browser) or RSSOwl, an aggregator. Terms and conditions may apply with their use.

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Audio and video content can also be used with portable media players such as Apple's iPod, the Microsoft Zune or SanDisk Sansa player. This is particularly advantageous for those planning a visit to the museum and interested in pre-loading their device with gallery tours or just to learn more about us prior to a visit. The gallery audio tours are the same content available for rent with iPods at the museum (see "iPod Gallery Guides" below).


Subscribe now to museum feeds by choosing from the list below (more available soon). Click the file to manage with your browser or control-click the icon and copy its url for use with the aggregator of your choice.

How do I choose? Anniversary Information
Look/Listen: SNOMNH General Information
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Listen: Gallery Audio Tours (Eng) feed icon iTunes
Listen: Gallery Audio Tours (Esp) feed icon iTunes
Read: The museum's general blog feed icon  


iPod® Gallery Guides at&t logo

SNOMNH recently was awarded an Excelerator Grant from AT&T in order to enhance the museum experience for those interested in audio "tours." iPods are available for rental at the information desk. A driver's license and a small fee are required.


† SNOMNH will not be held responsible for the performance of third party software or damage its use may cause your computer or electronic device. No warranty is implied or expressed with the availability or performance of this site or its content.